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Petitions for developers

Petitions are a way to request access to a resource in Indent. They can be requested from the Indent web or Slack app, the CLI, or the API.

Requesting from the CLI

  1. Install the access CLI — on MacOS, you can run: brew install access
  2. Once the CLI is installed, you can run access new to request access to a resource in seconds.

Requesting from the API

  1. Get an API key for calling the Indent API.
    • There is a user access token for making requests on your behalf and will have all the permissions your current user has.
    • The service API token is for making requests on behalf of a service account in a specific space. These accounts can be given specific permissions and are useful for automation.
  2. POST /v1/spaces/{space_name}/petitions to create a petition.
    • If the API key has Editor or Petitioner Admin roles, the token can be used to request on behalf of other users. In the audit logs, there will be an entry for the account who made the request and the user who the request was made on behalf of.

Indent has a public API reference of all endpoints enabling teams to extend the platform with custom logic and integrations. API Keys have full access to the Indent API, so be sure to keep them secure. You can view, create and revoke API Keys from the Indent dashboard.

If you have any questions or need help, please reach out to us at