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New user onboarding

Congratulations! Your team is now using Indent for managing on-demand access to resources.

As an end user, you'll be able to quickly request access to your team's resources directly and stay in the loop while waiting for review. This could be anything from Okta Groups to GitHub Repos or Google Groups. You can see a list of everything you can request on Indent.

Requesting access

  1. Select your space and go to the request access page.
  2. Find the resource you want to request access to and provide a reason.
  3. Click "Submit" to send for review and you're done!

Viewing open petitions

You can view your access requests (known as Petitions) in the dashboard:

Messaging reviewers

Indent will automatically message the appropriate reviewer (e.g. your manager or a system owner), letting them know that you need access. As soon as they approve, we'll let you know and grant your access. You can learn more about this process here.