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With this quickstart guide, we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to get up and running with Indent.

We’ll start with an overview of Indent and then jump start your integration with a step-by-step guide and code samples. You’ll want to set up your account before getting started. This quickstart covers how to connect Indent to your team communication tool, like Slack or Microsoft Teams, and your identity provider, like Okta.

What is Indent?#

Indent allows end-users to request access when they need it and managers to approve access in minutes; while satisfying security policies for compliance. Users can request from web or mobile to resources that require review by their manager or relevant teams. The goal of the product is to cut down the amount of time people spend waiting for access just to do their work, while reducing the risk of an overflow of unused permissions.

Setup overview#

Setup information
  • Level: Basic
  • Time: ~5 minutes

This page introduces important terms and concepts about Indent that you should be familiar with before you start an Indent installation. A Space is a collection of resources, providers and configurations for a team. Once you've added Resources (e.g. Okta Groups, Slack Channels) to your Space, you and your team can create Petitions to request or grant access.

Think of a Petition as similar to a pull request except instead of code, it's access that's being reviewed.

Five-minute setup#

Now that you know the basics, you can:

  1. Sign into Indent and create a Space 30 seconds
  2. Select your Space and add your team’s messaging app 3 minutes
  3. Try out Indent and request an example resource 30 seconds
  4. Review the request and check out the audit logs to see your request 1 minute

Congrats! You’ve seen what it’s like to request and review access with Indent.

Follow-up: Connect your stack#

Curious how to add Okta or Google Groups? Or what about AWS IAM or GitHub Teams? What if you just want Indent to create tickets for highly sensitive resources? Get started by configuring Indent integrations →

Looking for a specific kind of integration? Find common integration categories below: