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Onboarding your team

Before onboarding your team, select one of the common use cases for Indent to help your team manage access. This guide will walk through the steps to support everyday access for your team.


Step 1: Connect Slack channels

This will be where your reviewers will see request come in, they can discuss as a group or provide visibility for more people even if they're not a reviewer. These channels range from general-purpose #access-requests to department-specific #engineering or #hr-finance-approvals where all the reviewers can see messages.

Add the @Indent bot to the channel and pull into Indent.

Step 2: Select your use case

Once you've selected a use case, you or someone on your team will need to configure the necessary integration. If you're sharing this with a team-member, feel free to send them documentation pages on how integrations and webhooks work.

Step 3: Configure access policies

In your configuration, add or update a rule for the resource given your use case. Choose the Slack channel you created earlier in the Recipients dropdown. While you're testing, you may want to enable Allow Self Approval under Advanced Settings and include yourself as one of the approvers.

Step 4: Confirm with test request

If everything's set up correctly, you can request access for your newly configured use case. Once you've requested, the channel you created earlier will receive a message and, if you're one of the approvers, you can decide to approve or reject the request.

Step 5: Invite your team

For users to be able to request access, they need to have the Viewer role in your space. You can grant them access on the invite setup page or the manage space page.

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