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Slack Integration

This page describes how to integrate Slack with Indent. Messaging integrations power the main communication elements of Indent, whether it's a user being kept in the loop or a reviewer getting auto-reminders.

Some messaging integrations are more advanced, like Slack, where end-users can request from the app or reviewers can save time with interactive review messages. Certain integrations won't be able to support this advanced interactivity like Email, so notifications are designed with the most limited functionality in mind.


  1. Sign into the Slack workspace.
  2. Sign into the Indent space.
  3. Go to the messaging integration catalog entry for Slack.
  4. Review the required and optional scopes then click the "Add to Slack" button.
  5. Once you've successfully installed the Indent + Slack app, try making your first request.

Permissions and scopes

Required Scopes

  • commands
  • im:read
  • im:write
  • mpim:read
  • team:read
  • chat:write
  • users:read
  • groups:write
  • users.profile:read

Optional Scopes

  • groups:read
  • channels:read

Pulling updates

Indent will automatically fetch the latest data from Slack, like users or channels (called conversations) — you can also manually pull updates:

  1. Go to the Resources page.
  2. Click the dropdown arrow next to “New” button.
  3. Select “Pull Update” from dropdown...
    • For Slack channels: select “Slack Conversation” and toggle “Public Channel” or “Public Channel”
    • For Slack users: select “Slack User”
  4. Once you've selected all the kinds of resource you want to update, click the “Start Pulling Updates” button.