Access control simplified.

Our mission is to make data access safe and secure for everyone, everywhere.


Fouad Matin is an engineer, privacy advocate, and lover of streetwear that previously worked on data infrastructure products at Segment. In 2016, he co-founded VotePlz, a non-partisan voter registration and turnout non-profit. Passionate about helping people find fulfilling work, he previously started a referral recruiting company which went through YC W16.
Dan Gillespie was the first non-Googler to manage a Kubernetes release (v1.6 with RBAC) and has been a regular contributor since the project's early days. As his start into K8s, he was the cofounder and CTO of a collaborative deployment tool (YC W16) where he built Minikube. His company was acquired by CoreOS, which became part of RedHat and subsequently IBM.


We’ve raised $5.6 million in funding from some of the most experienced investors in the valley. We're grateful to work with supporters including CEOs, engineering leaders, the former CSOs of Facebook & Google, Swift Ventures and Index Ventures.