Indent Sunset Notice

We started Indent with the goal of helping teams protect what matters most. Our customers have secured everything ranging from customer data and production infrastructure to everyday business software — all without slowing down their team’s velocity.

After careful consideration, we’ve made the very hard decision that Indent will shut down in the coming months and we’ll help customers transition and continue working towards this shared goal.

Teams will be able to make requests until 12pm PST, Monday, July 15th, 2024, when services will be sunset. Audit logs will be available until Friday of that week after (July 26th) when we’ll start data deletion process.

We’d like to thank everybody who used Indent, from the early-stage startups securing access on day one to the teams of hundreds using Indent to secure mission-critical resources.

— Indent Team

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Stevan Arychuk

Head of InfoSec & SRE

The beauty of Indent is that it is more than just checking a box from a compliance perspective. Indent is core to securing our customer data.
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Protect your cloud, apps, and customer data without disrupting your team's workflows.

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