Simple, fast access requests & reviews

Access is the first thing people need when joining a team and the biggest headache for security when they leave. Even small companies have an average of 73 applications in 2021.[1]
Indent replaces legacy access control workflows with a modern experience, making access control faster and safer for teams.
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Everyday access control, for everyone

Install in under 10 minutes. Onboard your team in an hour. Save everyone weeks of time, especially compliance.
IT & Engineering

Automate policy-based change management

Implement standard policies across the stack.

Employees & Managers

Request and approve access in minutes

Cut down time stuck waiting for access with Indent.

Security & Compliance

Continuously manage access logs and reviews

Streamline audit compliance, generate reports in minutes.

How Indent works

Indent allows end-users to request access when they need it and managers to approve access in minutes; while satisfying security policies for compliance.

Stop waiting for access

Access in minutes, not weeks. Instead of finding the right person to approve, sending reminders, and looking up IT security policies. Connect your team and systems, and Indent handles it from there.

Review access without the headache

Whether it’s SOC2 or SOX, compliance can require quarterly and yearly access audits. Indent simplifies the process for system owners and auditors.

Provision safely with confidence

Multi-step approvals, time-bound authorization, separation of duties, and other complex requirements are simplified with a dynamic policies.

  1. Set up space
  2. 2Select policies
  3. 3Apply changes

Secure any workflow

Whether it’s a cloud app, an internal tool or Okta group, manage access in one place. Indent unifies fragmented end-user experiences safely.

Enterprise-grade security

We know our users place a high level of trust in Indent and the products we make to manage mission critical infrastructure. The security of customer data, of our products, and our services are a top priority.

Trust at the core

Indent’s SOC 2 (Type I) report attests to our enterprise-grade system and organization controls regarding security, privacy, availability, and confidentiality. We maintain GDPR & CCPA data processing addenda.

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Security Policies

We keep security at the heart of our product, infrastructure, and company policies.

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Helping your team achieve compliance

As companies grow, they shift from open-by-default to access-on-demand for security, compliance and risk management. Through access requests and reviews, Indent makes remote collaboration fast, safe and simple.


Indent has certified its systems to SOC 2 Type I and helps companies implement their own access control and change management processes.


Indent provides your IT and compliance teams visibility into SOX-relevant changes and access audits across all identity providers and systems.

E.U. General Data Protection Regulation

Indent provides a foundation for context-based access for satisfying privacy compliance.

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California Consumer Privacy Act

Indent supports CCPA where anyone in California can demand to see all data a company has saved on them.

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