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▇▇▇▇▇ says data breach affected 100 million credit card applications
on July 29, 2019
▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ said on Monday that personal information including names and addresses of about 100 million individuals in the United States and 6 million people in Canada were obtained by a hacker. The incident is expected to cost between $100 million and $150 million in 2019, mainly because of customer notifications, credit monitoring and legal support.
Rogue ▇▇▇▇▇ employee deactivated ▇▇▇▇▇ personal account on last day on the job
on November 3, 2017
▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ personal ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ account was deactivated for ▇▇ minutes. ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ said that it has put in additional safeguards in place to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.
▇▇▇▇▇ Employees Abused Data Access to Spy on Users
on May 23, 2019
Multiple sources and emails also describe ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇, an internal tool used by various departments to access ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ user data. Two former employees, a current employee, and a cache of internal company emails described internal tools that allowed employees to access user data, including in some cases location information, their own saved ▇▇▇▇▇ and personal information such as phone numbers and email addresses.
▇▇▇▇ Investigates Allegation That Employees Abused Customer Data
on January 25, 2018
▇▇▇▇ is investigating whether employees abused access to its customers’ data after a current or former ▇▇▇▇ employee anonymously alleged that employees ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ ▇▇▇▇ ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ and celebrities like ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇.

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