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Unlike other security tools that add to your to-do list, Indent follows through so you can focus on what matters most.

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How On-Demand Access Works


Request Access

Find what you're looking for by typing /access in Slack or from the web app. Give a reason and how long you need access, that's it!

Admins can also request on other's behalf to help them kick off an access request. Once it expires, users can request again easily.


Review Access

Approvers are auto-notified and can review requests wherever they are. Grant access directly from Slack or the web.


Indent handles the rest

Once your request is approved…

  • Indent will grant access
  • Remind you before it expires
  • Revoke access automatically
  • Generate audit evidence

…all without adding to your to-do list!

Grant Access
Revoke Access
Audit / Review
Request Again

How will you use Indent?

Production Access (PAM)

Solve the root problem of over permissioned users and grant time-bound access to production.

Use configurable peer or auto-approvals to remove bottlenecks for granting on-call or low-risk access in an instant.

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Onboarding / Offboarding

Empower new hires to get the access they need, when they need it.

Users can self-serve through /access in Slack or web app.

Access auto-expires or can be revoked with a click, generating instant compliance evidence.

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Temporary Admin Roles

Protect your critical resources from unintentional updates while reducing your potential attack surface.

Give temporary admin and superadmin roles to your IT, HR, and Security teams.

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Cost Savings (SaaS)

Make your budget go further without stifling productivity or collaboration.

Enable users to securely borrow expensive software licenses they only occasionally use with auto-expiring access.

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Customer Data Access

Build customer trust and meet response time SLAs, without the pain.

Let support teams request customer data as needed and enable on-call auto approvals or customer-side approvals.

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