Setting Up AWS Identity Center (successor to SSO) The Right Way

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15 minutes ago

Hi, did you get my access request for Box? 😬

11 minutes ago

Quarterly audit due next week... what's the latest source of truth?

11 minutes ago

Hey IT team, I was looking into Google Groups this morning, the [email protected] group with default "anyone can join or view conversations"? I don't think I have access to change...

14 minutes ago

Here to help with INC-42: Website Down. Can someone get me access to prod really quick?

20 minutes ago

I filled out the request form for Salesforce access last week but haven’t heard back. Who I should follow up with?

4 minutes ago

Biggest engineering new hire class yet starting next Monday! What do we need to do to get them onboarded quickly?

8 minutes ago

We were on a call with the new security team doing a systems audit 🤦 just found [email protected] group was open for "anyone can join or view"

14 minutes ago

For quarterly planning next week: what's the closest we can get to time-bound, role-based access control in 2023?

20 minutes ago

Do you know if there's a way to auto-approve access for engineers based on their on-call status in and PagerDuty?

18 minutes ago

Hey! Who do I ask for Figma access? We have customer meetings in 20 minutes but our designer is out sick

16 minutes ago

Is it possible to route auto approvals for low-risk resources with our internal tool? Emily said "eh... probably not easily."

22 minutes ago

Hi! Do you know why I lost access to Rippling? I need to download paystubs for a loan but when I log in, it says "App not assigned"

21 minutes ago

I'm free to help debug this, can someone grant me production access?

15 minutes ago

Trying to help a customer troubleshoot an issue, who should I contact if an access request for RDS is pending for more than a day?

19 minutes ago

Hey, could you give Paul access to Acme Corporation’s logs and create a ticket to revoke that access tomorrow?

Friction-free approvals for anyone, anytime

Simplify your approval process and get people access in seconds, not days.
  • End-user self service: Remove the single point of failure that can be the IT triage queue; allow users to request from Slack.
  • Stay in-the-loop: Instead of requiring IT to keep users up-to-date on their requests, Indent will automatically notify them.

Automated routing and provisioning

End the process of manually cat herding approvals — it's time to automate.
  • Rule-based routing: Set the approvers for a set of resources and start routing approvals to the right stakeholder.
  • Auto approvals: If a user passes a set of preconditions, skip human approval and grant them time-bound access.

Audit evidence in a single click

Easily export audit evidence as required by your compliance requirements.

Indent automatically documents:
  • Who has accessed which resources and why
  • How long they were granted access
  • When they lost access
We use Indent at Reclaim and have awesome production access workflows (paired with Tailscale). Indent makes being SOC2 compliant not a drag.

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