$8per person
per month
$800for everyone
per month
Minimum annual agreement of $1,920.
All contracts billed annually.

Premium use cases

  • Temporary Admin Access

    Works withand more

  • Production Access

    Works withand more

  • User Access Reviews

    For Compliance

  • Customer-Bound Access Control

    For Operations

What’s Included


Cut time spent waiting for approval, while securing mission-critical workflows

Simple User Experience

Users can request and receive access from the web, Slack or Email

Policy-based Controls

Shift most employees to time-bound, on-demand access with continuous review

Audit Reports

Automation for SOC 2 controls that provides secure on-demand access in seconds

See what Indent can do for you

Hear directly from customers about how they're using Indent to help their team move faster without sacrificing security or compliance.

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Frequently asked questions

We use Indent at Reclaim and have awesome production access workflows (paired with Tailscale). Indent makes being SOC2 compliant not a drag.

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