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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Indent?

Indent allows end-users to request access when they need it and managers to approve access in minutes, while satisfying security policies for compliance. Indent replaces legacy access control workflows with a modern experience, making access control faster and safer for teams.

Who is Indent for?

The goal of the product is to cut down the amount of time people spend waiting for access just to do their work, while reducing the risk of an overflow of unused permissions. Indent is for users trying to get the access they need and for reviewers trying to unblock their team. Users can request from web or mobile to resources that require review by their manager or relevant teams.

What if I can't afford the SSO tax?

The SSO tax (a premium charged by companies for certain enterprise features) can be overwhelming for many growing businesses since the cost can balloon quickly. Even for companies who can justify paying the SSO tax for critical vendors, some products still don't play nicely with automated provisioning or are too complex to manage.

Indent can be connected to custom APIs in order to manage access directly, providing companies a more affordable option to govern access for all their everyday apps.

What is a petition?

Petitions are a unified interface to manage changes to any custom resources whether they're in external systems (e.g. identity providers, cloud apps) and internal systems (e.g. databases, home-grown tools). Learn about how petitions work here.

What is IAM?

IAM stands for Identity and Access Management which typically controls who is authenticated (signed in) and currently authorized (has permissions) to use resources. Most cloud providers offer this as an essential component of their product, for example AWS IAM or Google Cloud IAM.