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GitHub Integration

Indent is quick and easy to install. It takes a few minutes and doesn't need access to your codebase, just read and write access to organization team membership.

Set up GitHub for free

What can I do with GitHub + Indent?

  • Grant temporary admin or branch rule bypass privileges
  • Request team membership via Slack (using /access command)
  • Approve requests and set durations from Slack, web, or email
  • Log who had which permissions, for how long, and why
  • Auto-expire permissions and team membership, but provide fast turnaround for access renewal

For a full list of available integrations, view our Integrations page.



1. Install GitHub integration

  1. Go to Indent dashboard GitHub integration page
  2. Follow instructions for creating a GitHub access token (classic or fine-grained)
  3. Enter GitHub org (e.g. acmeinc) and token (e.g. github_pat_123) into Indent
  4. Click Install to complete the integration

2. Grant on-demand access to GitHub Teams

  1. Once the GitHub Teams have been pulled into Indent, you can start granting access
  2. Users will need to have the github/id label set on their profile
    • This can be edited on their user profile under the "Resources" tab
    • Or when they request, they will be prompted to OAuth into GitHub to link their username

That's it! 🎉


Paying Indent customers have a direct line for support through the Indent Community Slack. Any questions posted there receive priority response.

Need help getting set up? Talk to our team for any questions.


How do I ask for help?

If you have questions or need help with your integration, try chatting with the Indent Support.