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How to self-configure SSO with Okta

Indent uses OIDC single sign-on (SSO) for Professional customers to simplify the sign-in process and allow access to Indent using several authentication sources, including Okta. Your Workspace must be subscribed to the Professional plan if you wish to set up SSO.

If you're the Admin of your company's account, you can configure SSO using the following steps:

  1. Setup Okta as OAuth Provider
  2. Upload identity provider info on Indent

Open ID Connect (OIDC)#

Step 1: Setup Okta as OAuth Provider#

  1. Go to and log into your Okta account.
  2. Go to the Applications from the left menu and then click on Add Application button.
  3. Choose Web as platform, OpenID Connect as Sign on method, and click on Create.
  4. Enter Application name and Login Redirect URIs. Copy Callback URL from the plugin to configure Login Redirect URL. Click on Save.

Step 2: Upload OIDC info to Indent#

You can enter the identity provider variables on the manage space page or you can create a ticket for Indent Support

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)#

Learn how to set up a SAML connection: SAML SSO.