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Preparing webhook deployment

Once you've created your webhook endpoint, you can set it up in the Indent dashboard.

For change management webhooks#

  1. Sign into your Indent space.
  2. Go to your configuration.
  3. Expand the "Webhook Output" and enter your "Webhook URL" and turn off the "Testing Mode" option.
  4. If you set any authorization headers, you can add them under "Headers" to include in requests. (Recommended)
  5. Click "Save" in the top right.

In September 2021, Admins can add and manage change management webhooks like they can for pulling updates.

For pull update webhooks#

  1. Sign into your Indent space.
  2. Go to the webhooks page.
  3. Click "New" and select the kind of webhook you'd like to create.
  4. Update the signing secret in your deployed endpoint and enter the webhook URL.
  5. Once you've successfully deployed your webhook, disable "Testing Mode" and try making a request.

This section will be expanded to provide more guidance on best practices when deploying a webhook.

Deploying on AWS#

  • Select the AWS account where you'd like to deploy the webhooks.
  • Create an AWS IAM user and credentials to use for deployment.

Deploying on Google Cloud#

Choose an authentication method#

Log in to Google Cloud SDK from the command line:

gcloud auth application-default login

Follow the prompts to log in to your Google Cloud SDK Account. Then,configure the project you want to use to deploy Indent webhooks:

gcloud config set project my-project