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Managing users


After you sign up for Indent you'll want to add users to your Space and assign roles so they can help you manage it. Use the Dashboard workflow when setting up your space for the first time. You can also add users to your existing Space from the Management page.

Alternatively, you can configure single-sign on with Okta or Google.

Add users to a new Space#

If this is the first time you've set up an Indent Space, you can easily add users during the setup workflow.

Start the workflow#

  1. Sign in to your Indent Space.
  2. Click the Select Workflow dropdown in the lefthand sidebar.
  3. Choose "Set up this Space"

Once the workflow starts you may get a message saying you've already integrated with Slack, click Next to continue. How do I integrate with Slack?

Add users to your Space#

  1. Click the box labelled Add your team and you'll be taken to the "Add Users" page
  2. Add the email address for each user you want to add.
  3. If your Space is integrated with Slack, you can automatically import all Slack users on this page.
    • You can delete any user you don't want to grant management access to the Dashboard, they'll still be able to request access normally.
  4. Choose either "Viewer" or "Editor" roles for each new user. What are viewer and editor roles?
  5. Click Save and Continue

Congrats! Now your users can log into your Space's Dashboard using their email address.

Add users to an existing Space#

If you're already using Indent, you can add new users at any time.

Invite new team members#

  1. Sign in to your Indent Space
  2. Select the dropdown with your Space name in the sidbar and click Manage Space
  3. Click the +Invite button and a modal opens.
  4. Enter the user's email adddress and select a role, then click Save

Congrats! Your new user will receive an email notification inviting them to your Space.

Removing a team member#

  1. Sign into your Indent Space
  2. Select the dropdown with your Space name in the sidbar and click Manage Space
  3. Click Edit on the user you want to remove from your Space and a modal opens.
  4. Click the trash can icon next all their assigned roles.
  5. After reviewing your choices, click "Save" to remove the user from your space.

Looking for something?#

Integrate with Slack#

You may be asked to integrate Indent with Slack during the workflow. If you haven't integrated with Slack already, check out our Quickstart guide and connect your Space with your team's Slack workspace.

Understanding user roles#

Viewer: Users can view the Dashboard configurations Editor: Users can make changes to the Dashboard configurations