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Google Admin Roles Integration

This guide will show you how to setup an integration with Google Admin Roles and Indent. Once complete, users will be able to get temporary admin or super admin permissions.

Through API magic, Indent securely grants access to just about any service. Temporary Google Admin Roles are useful, since the alternative often involves granting multiple users, permanent access to admin or super admin. That's a role that can access a lot of sensitive data, like performing a search across your Org's email logs.

What can I do with Google Admin Roles + Indent?

  • Increase security by having fewer users with standing admin or super admin privileges
  • Prevent unintentional changes to your workspace settings
  • Restrict access to minimize abuses of privileges

Google Admin Roles is one of many integrations on Indent. If you'd like to see more authorization integrations like Google Admin Roles, we can add more on request.



This guide uses the Google Workspace APIs to connect your existing Google Admin Roles to Indent.

You may want to create a service account with OAuth. This detaches the integration from an employee's identity, and generally improves security and troubleshooting. You can read more on how to do that in Google's guide on controlling API access.

1. Connect to Google

  • Go to the Indent Catalog and select Google
  • Click the Add To Google button, and select an account with an Admin role
  • Read through, check any unchecked boxes, and click Submit
    • Note: the Manage delegated admin roles for this domain is one of the more critical roles to insure you see checked. This permission allows Indent to add and remove users to the individual roles that you choose.

2. Set your Notifications

  • Note: The values on this page can be changed in the Admin → Config page at any time
  • Choose a value for Where should reviewers be notified?
    • By default this can be your current email
    • If you've already connected Indent + Slack, it's common to create a Slack Channel like #access-requests specifically for access request notifications
  • Click Save and Continue when done

3. Restrict Access to Roles

A default setup allows anyone to request access to any Google Role.

To customize who is able to request access to what, try reading the docs on configuring rules and resource visbility.

Interactive Demo

In the following example, you're logged in as Fouad and can request temporary or permanent access to a Google Admin Role.

Try submitting and approving a request:

If you've followed the setup steps in this doc, you should be able to make a real request just like this on your own Indent dashboard


Congrats! You added the Google Admin Roles + Indent integration. Team members can now request temporary access to any roles that you choose.

If you're ready to introduce Indent to more of your team, check out our rollout resources.


Why can't I see any Google Admin Roles on the drop down list?

You might also need to pull in an update of your Google Admin Roles. If you visit the Resources section of your Indent Dashboard, you can click Pull update Google Roles. If you find roles are still absent, contact Indent Support.

What permissions do I need to connect Google Admin Roles + Indent?

You must be a Google Workspace Admin in order to setup this integration.

How do I ask for help?

If you have questions or need help with your integration, try chatting with Indent Support.