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Managing identity with OneLogin

This guide will show you how to setup an integration between Indent and OneLogin. Once complete, you'll be able to grant access and create policies based on OneLogin Groups and Roles.

Roles are the most efficient way to control your users' access to apps. A role in OneLogin is simply a collection of apps. You create a role, assign apps to it, and when you assign users to the role, you grant them access to all of the apps included in the role. This gives you the ability to give or take away a user's access to multiple apps at once, or to grant or remove an app's access to multiple users at once.



This page assumes you completed the Indent Quickstart. (5 min setup)


1. Create OneLogin credentials

  • Go to OneLogin as an account owner or administrator
  • Go to Developers API Credentials
  • On the API Access page, click New Credential
    • Name the credential, e.g. Indent-Access-Manager
    • Grant Manage users permissions to manage groups
  • Click Save and copy the Client ID and Client Secret to a safe place

2. Install OneLogin integration


Paying Indent customers have a direct line for support through the Indent Community Slack. Any questions posted there receive priority response.

All Indent users can use the Contact Us page for help troubleshooting.