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Google Groups Integration

This guide will show you how to setup an integration with Google Groups and Indent. Once complete, you'll be able to request access to new resources for everyone in a group, at once.

Through API magic, Indent securely grants access to just about any service. Google Groups are a great integration if your business already uses Google Workspaces.

What can I do with Google Groups + Indent?

  • Streamline onboarding new hires
  • Standardize permissions across roles
  • Holistically transfer permissions when an employee moves to a new role
  • Securely offboard users by instantly revoking access

Google Groups is one of the many Identity Integrations on Indent. Other Identity Integrations include Okta, Slack, and many other providers on request.



This page assumes you completed the Indent Quickstart. (5 min setup)


This guide uses the Google Workspace APIs to connect your existing Google Groups to Indent.

1. Connect to Google

2. Configure Notifications

  • Note: The values on this page can be changed in the Admin → Config page at any time
  • Choose a value for Where should reviewers be notified?
    • By default this can be your current email
    • If you've already connected Indent + Slack, it's common to create a Slack Channel specifically for access request notifications
  • Click Save and Continue when done

3. Make a Request

The flow will place you on a page where you can now make a request! If this is a new Indent Space, you likely need to add another integration before this will work how you'd like. To get a sense of what requesting resources will look like, a demo form is embedded on this page.

Interactive Demo

In the following example, you're logged in as Fouad and can request access to a Google Group. In real usage, you could also make a request for a Google Group (like "SRE Team"), and grant every member of that group access to a resource (like a Kubernetes Cluster).

Try submitting and approving a request:


Congrats! You added the Google Groups + Indent integration. Now you're able to grant access to entire teams at once.

Next think about what you'd like to give people access to. Is it Tailscale? Or, maybe AWS? Check out the Integrations page. Pick an existing Integration, or contact us to request a new one. You might also want to start inviting others to try Indent. You'll want to send them docs on how to make a request, and read more about approving and declining requests.

Scan Group Settings

Some groups need stronger security than others. For example, it could be problematic for a Finance group to hold the same permissions as your Friday Lunch group.

The Indent Scan tool looks for groups, like Finance, that might need stronger permissions. The results of the scan are presented in an easy to digest report, which makes it easier to share and discuss with your team. To scan your stack, click the button below.


Why can't I see my Google Group on the drop down list?

Some Google Groups are restrictive about who is able to view them. For Groups with strong security settings, you will need to type out the email of the group (like [email protected]).

You might also need to pull in an update of your Google Groups. If you visit the Resources section of your Indent Dashboard, you can click Pull update Google Groups. If you find Groups are still absent, contact Indent Support.

How is the severity of a Scan result determined?

Scan results are based on Indent's experience with SOC 2, professional auditors, and work with our customers. We try to assign High severity to Groups that are very likely to contain sensitive information. If you have questions about your scan results, we'd love to help. Contact Indent Support and we'll setup a time to go over your report.

What permissions do I need to connect Google Groups + Indent?

You must be a Google Workspace Admin in order to setup this integration.

How do I ask for help?

If you have questions or need help with your integration, try chatting with Indent Support.