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Okta Apps Integration

This guide will show you how to setup an integration between Indent and Okta Apps. Once complete, you'll be able to use Indent to grant team members temporary access to apps in minutes.

Indent + Okta App Integration

This integration works by managing users access to Okta Apps by moving them in and out of Okta Groups to provision and deprovision access. This enables teams to control Okta App access using time-bound, role-based access control.



1. Install the Okta App

  • Follow the instructions for installing Okta App
  • Test your integration by assigning yourself the app and signing in

2. Create the Okta Groups

  • For each role that you want to grant in Okta Apps:
    • Create a group for baseline access, naming conventions typically look like:
      • app_[appName]
      • Okta Apps - Users
      • app-[appName]-users
    • Create a group for elevated or admin access, like:
      • admin_[appName]
      • Okta Apps - Admins
      • app-[appName]-admins
    • Create groups any other elevated roles
  • Make sure that each of the groups also assign access to the application

3. Install Indent + Okta Groups integration

Using Indent for Okta Apps

Congrats! Your integration is ready. Now it's time to use Okta Apps + Indent to get secure time-bound and on-demand access.

Try requesting access from the Indent dashboard. If you have the Slack integration setup, you can type /access or click the lightning bolt to submit a request.

On your Petitions page you should be able to see your request as part of a petition.

Try clicking the petition to view more details. From the petition details page, click the Review Petition button and follow the prompts.

Once approved, you'll be a member of the Okta Group. You now have secure time-bound access thanks to Indent and the Okta Apps integration.


How do I ask for help?

If you have questions or need help with your integration, try chatting with Indent Support.