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Vanta Integration

This guide will show you how to securely send data from Indent to Vanta. Once complete, you'll have a repeatable way to fulfill a major part of your SOC 2 and other auditory compliance. Additionally, the Vanta API Integration means Indent users will automatically sync with Vanta, so that those users can be cross-referenced more easily with the audit logs.

What can I do with Vanta + Indent?

  • Centralize your compliance and security source of truth
  • Sync users and roles into Vanta for easier reviews
  • Be ready for access reviews anytime, with auto-expiring access requests
  • Easily generate all the data needed for an audit and access review



This guide uses Oauth to connect Vanta and Indent for syncing user accounts. This guide also uses a CSV as a flat file for transferring data between Vanta + Indent. No other tooling or configuration necessary.

1. Setup the Integration

  • Visit the Vanta Integration Page on your Indent dashboard
  • Click the Sign in with Vanta button and follow the OAuth prompt

2. Verify Success

Indent accounts will sync with Vanta on an hourly schedule. You can verify that the integration is working, by looking for Indent accounts in your Vanta Dashboard. For example, visit the Vanta People page, and look for members of your Indent Space that after a sync, appear there.

3. Open the SOC 2 audit report

  • On your Indent dashboard go to Audit → SOC 2 Audit Report
  • Select the date range for the audit log you would like to share with Vanta
  • Click the Share button, and choose between Export as CSV or Export as XLS

4. Upload to Vanta

  • Sign into your Vanta dashboard
  • Follow their instructions for uploading the audit log
  • Delete the local copy of the CSV, and also delete it from your recycle bin


Congrats! You've completed the Vanta + Indent guide. By following this guide, you now have an easily repeatable process for satisfying SOC 2 auditory compliance for access control. Users from Indent will automatically sync with Vanta, and so they appear in both systems. Additionally, you now have a simple solution for satisfying your regulatory and compliance requirements with just a few clicks.


Why can't I see the Audit section?

Audit logs are restricted to the Editor role. Contact your Indent Admin, and they should be able to grant temporary access or get the export on your behalf.

Will this integration be automated at some point?

We're thinking about it! If this is an important feature for you, please reach out to your contact at Indent and let us know!

How do I ask for help?

If you have questions or need help with your integration, try chatting with Indent Support.