Compliant-by-Default Access with Vanta and Indent

a year ago
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When it comes to compliance, Vanta is a leader in automating away the drudgery of preparing for audits.

Vanta’s platform is a central source of compliance and security truth. It provides a clear roadmap towards security certification, helping teams achieve compliance in weeks not months.

Along the way, Vanta continuously monitors your business system and flags security gaps as they arise, making them easier to squash.

From easy to use policy templates that help you develop, implement and map your security policies, to access reviews, it takes the uncertainty out of compliance.

Last year Vanta launched their Connectors API so teams could have total visibility into their compliance state across their tools and organization. Excited about the new API, and what it would mean for our mutual customers like Modern Treasury, we got to work on a direct integration. Here's their experience:

“Using Vanta for compliance, Okta for identity, and Indent for access feels like it’s given our team superpowers. The tools work seamlessly together and it’s made it so easy to maintain a compliant access management program with zero friction.”

— Sam Aarons, Co-founder/CTO, Modern Treasury

Today we’re announcing that the Indent for Vanta integration is now publicly available! Now, you can find Indent on the Vanta Partners and Integrations pages.

Fewer Incidents and Exceptions

With this new integration you’ll be able to automatically push users and their roles from Indent into Vanta. This capability alongside the ability to upload your access logs into Vanta will allow you to perform access reviews alongside your other compliance tasks, making Vanta your security and compliance HQ.

Traditionally, a company is the most secure and compliant right after a compliance audit or security breach, when access has been revoked en masse, and the fewest number of users have access to sensitive systems. Access reviews happen quarterly because users perpetually accumulate access.

By switching to on-demand access with Indent, your org performs access reviews in real time, access automatically expires, and access and change management controls evidence is generated and logged for export. Pairing Vanta with Indent allows companies to maintain a minimum viable level of access all the time, helping them prevent incidents and default to compliant access.

“Providing customers with continuous oversight of their security posture and simplifying compliance are core tenants of Vanta. Having an integration with a company like Indent to help streamline compliance documentation provides for an enhanced and powerful user experience.”

— Josh Jones, Head of Corporate and Business Development, Vanta

Getting Started

We're excited to share a special offer for Vanta customers:

To get started using on-demand access to meet your compliance and security goals, check out the Vanta + Indent docs. Have any questions? Feel free to book time with our team to learn more.

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