How to Break Glass: Choosing an Access Escalation Solution

a year ago
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It’s hard to break glass without making a mess, or worse — getting cut.

We’ve talked to some of the brightest security minds in the business about the requirements they look for in an access management solution and made a break glass solution cheat sheet based on what they shared.

Automation can prevent unnecessary shattering of safeguards. With products like Indent, teams can reduce the need to break protocol while keeping the most-sensitive access under control In Case Of Emergency.

It doesn't take more than a quarter or two on a growing team to realize you can have all the “right” roles defined but when life happens, everything including those roles break too. Maintenance, either planned or unplanned, is required.

Shipping awesome features, fixing customer bugs quickly, and resolving incidents all require timely access to sensitive resources.

Time to break some glass?

Ensuring elevated access doesn’t persist after the incident is over can be difficult. Unblocking your on-call team with the access they need shouldn’t involve paging their skip-level in the middle of the night or tracking down the tiny shards from “breaking glass” during an audit.

Platforms like Indent work by granting time-bound role-based access in a user and compliance-friendly way. Indent connects tools across the stack from notifications, auto approvals, identity providers to networking.

Defining what you need in a “Break Glass” solution can be difficult – what are the must-haves vs nice-to-haves? What should excellent vs passing look like?

Cut through the noise with our vendor evaluation worksheet and get insight into whether a given solution meets industry best practices and if it would work for your needs. From 20 employees to teams in the thousands, here’s what to look for on your journey to safer, faster access:

Access Escalation Solution ScorecardAccess Escalation Solution Scorecard

If you'd like your own copy to fill out or add more questions, follow these links:

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