Indent + PlanetScale: Temporary Database Access

a year ago
Written by
Elsie Phillips

Database management is notoriously difficult.

From scaling to version control, it’s incredibly easy to mess it up.

With PlanetScale, the MySQL-compatible database built on the Vitess Open Source project, you get a database that feels like it wants you to succeed.

  • Database branching? - you bet’cha!
  • Non-blocking schema changes? - of course!
  • Auto-scaling & Horizontal sharding? - yes and yes!

Compared with AWS RDS, PlanetScale is leagues ahead in terms of developer experience.

But, what about managing access to databases?

Last year, PlanetScale announced their teams functionality, which provided a way to manage database administrator access.

With the new PlanetScale integration for Indent, you can amplify the Teams functionality with your favorite SSO provider’s SCIM capabilities, and grant temporary permissions in PlanetScale.

Indent is built to get temporary access to engineers quickly through a Slack-based workflow. Requests are automatically routed based on your compliance policies and revoked after the approver’s set duration. Certain resources can also be configured to instantly approve based on the requester’s on-call status.

With guardrails that expedite and protect the entire access lifecycle, your access control policies are followed every time without slowing engineers down.

With PlanetScale + Indent you can:

  • Protect your data from unauthorized views or updates with auto-expiring access
  • Grant instant database access to on-call teams based on their on-call status
  • Automatically log changes to role-based access for security and compliance purposes

Hooking up Indent to PlanetScale

To get started, you’ll need PlanetScale and Indent accounts. Then follow these steps:

  • First, create an Indent space (and choose Slack / email)
  • Follow the instructions in the PlanetScale + Indent docs for installing the integration
  • Start making requests for short-lived and secure database access

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