Indent + Keeper Security: On-Demand Password Access

a year ago
Written by
Elsie Phillips

Everybody at some point has slacked/emailed/messaged credentials – despite knowing better — it was just “easier.”

When security and convenience go head to head, convenience often wins. So when choosing a password manager, you need to optimize for both convenience and security.

That’s why we’re excited to be partnering with Keeper!

Trusted by tens of thousands of teams, Keeper Security is an award-winning solution for password management. It’s user-friendly and meets the most rigorous security standards (e.g. FIPS 140-2, SOC 2 certified, FedRAMP Authorized).

Built to work seamlessly across all platforms, the solution encrypts and decrypts passwords locally at the device level, not on Keeper's servers or in the cloud. It also allows you to share records and folders to anyone, even if they aren’t a Keeper user.

With Keeper + Indent, getting access to a given cloud app or infrastructure is as simple as entering /access in Slack. Users request time-bound membership of identity groups that correspond to a vault or resource.

Access requests are automatically routed to approvers based on security policies, then approvers set the access duration. Users can also instantly get time-bound access based on attributes like on-call status.

With the Keeper + Indent integration, you can:

  • Give users time-bound, auto-expiring access to specific apps and environments
  • Grant automatic access to users based on attributes like on-call status in PagerDuty,, and Opsgenie
  • Allow temporary access to SSH, RDP, databases, and Kubernetes resources as authorized by your access controls and connected identity provider
  • Auto-revoke access after a configurable duration
  • Record comprehensive access logs for compliance audits

Try it out

Want to see the workflow in action? Check out the demo below:

Set up Indent for Keeper

To get started, you’ll need both a Keeper Enterprise or Keeper Business account and an Indent account. Then, follow these steps:

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