Indent for Boundary: Secure Identity-based Remote Access

a year ago
Written by
Elsie Phillips

Today we’re excited to unveil the new HashiCorp Boundary + Indent integration.

Boundary keeps up with the dynamism of cloud infrastructure.

Rather than granting blanket access to instances, databases, and other sensitive systems, Boundary can authenticate users and control access to resources using user identity, instead of relying on constantly changing abstract IP addresses.

Users are able to authenticate through their identity provider and authorize access based on roles and services. With Boundary you can also manage dynamic infrastructure and integrate service registries, so hosts and service catalogs are kept up-to-date.

So what do you get by pairing Boundary and Indent?

On-demand,least-privilege access to production environments.

The combination of Boundary + Indent helps you keep pace with the dynamism of the cloud, while providing access to just what you need to get the job done. No blanket permissions to large swathes of infrastructure, and no more indefinite and untracked access.

With the HashiCorp Boundary + Indent integration, you can:

  • Give users time-bound, auto-expiring access to specific apps and environments
  • Grant automatic access to users based on attributes like on-call status in PagerDuty,, and Opsgenie.
  • Allow temporary access to SSH, RDP, databases, and kubernetes resources as authorized by your access controls and connected identity provider
  • Auto-revoke access after a configurable duration
  • Record comprehensive access logs for compliance audits

Try the interactive demo below:

Set up Indent for Boundary

To start you’ll need Boundary and Indent accounts. After that, granting time-bound access is just a few steps away:

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