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As a nonprofit organization, every penny counts towards achieving your mission. You're constantly searching for ways to save money and increase efficiency while still delivering high-quality services.

It’s no surprise then that nonprofits and NGOs are experts at doing more with less. Unfortunately, that gets complicated when the work you do involves sensitive information like a person’s medical records or some other customer data.

Access control to sensitive resources can be a major drain of resources. For example, it can take days for a user to find the right approver for their access request, and get it approved and provisioned. Admins and approvers often have to coordinate behind the scenes to close the loop on the access request, eating even more time.

Orgs looking to increase security and lock down access control, and reduce friction and wait times, can use on-demand access.

What is On-Demand Access?

On-Demand Access is time-bound, role-based access that is policy-controlled. Users can easily find what they're looking for, request access, and be kept in the loop automatically like they're used to with on-demand delivery.

For nonprofits, it makes it a lot easier to manage all the different access requests that come from full-time staff, part-time contractors, and volunteers. Instead of sifting through Slack DMs, checking on #help channel, or keeping an eye on a shared email inbox, you can get notified when someone needs access and instantly grant time-bound access without leaving Slack.

What is Indent?

With Indent, teams can get secure, time-bound access to cloud apps and infrastructure in seconds, not days. You can think of it as time-bound, role-based access control.

How does Indent work?

Using Slack, Indent, or browser extension, users specify what they need access to, why, and for how long. Managers and admins can also request on behalf of another user.

Petitions are routed to the correct approvers based on your security and compliance policies, with support for multi-stage approvals. Approvers can review requests wherever they are and grant access for a specified duration from Slack, email, or Indent.

Access can also be automatically approved based on attributes like the requester’s on-call status or group membership. Approval automatically triggers provisioning, reducing unnecessary admin work of manually changing access in a system.

After the approver specified time, Indent triggers deprovisioning, revoking the user’s access. If a user completes their task early or if access was incorrectly granted, the “revoke access” button triggers immediate access expiration while generating audit evidence.

All the relevant information is logged for every access attempt, so you always have the full story. Those logs can then be reviewed by security or exported as compliance audit evidence.

Nonprofit Use Cases for Indent

What could this look like for your team?

  • On-demand access to production (AWS, GCP, Azure) for engineers
  • Temporary, auto-expiring access for contractors and volunteers
  • Lock down sensitive mailing groups (e.g. gdpr@ or security@)
  • Auto approvals for common workflows (e.g. on-call or low risk)
  • Time-bound, role-based customer data access for support teams

These use cases can benefit teams in a few different ways:

Get Your Team Access Faster

Reduce access wait time from days to seconds, without compromising on security. Configuration is policy-based and Indent integrates with all of your tools, making it easy to start granting compliant access.

Prevent Over-Permissioned Users

Sustainably implement least privilege and address the underlying issue of users with too much access by granting minimum viable access that auto-expires.

Cut Costs, Not Access

Pay less for SaaS by auto-rotating licenses amongst occasional users, reducing the number of seats you need to purchase.

Simplify Compliance

Auto-expiring access reviewed in real-time makes user access reviews fast. Your access logs can be easily filtered and exported for compliance audit evidence.

Indent recently helped CommonLit lock down their production environment by granting on-demand access to their engineers:

“Fast implementation, smooth team onboarding, and the convenience of auto-approval – Indent exceeded our expectations in streamlining temporary access management. The deep integrations with AWS, Tailscale, and OpsGenie made setup a breeze!”

Geoff Harcourt
CTO, CommonLit
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We believe Indent should be accessible to everyone, especially those trying to do good in the world. Nonprofits can receive 50% off their Indent subscription to help them further their missions.

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