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Learn about the Indent + Tecnics integration

Cloud transformation can be slowed by the ongoing threat of data breaches: Keeping enterprises safe has traditionally meant imposing odious security measures that can slow the pace of innovation and hurt workforce productivity. To combat these threats while supporting transformation, organizations need to do everything in their power to reduce the attack surface and prevent breaches due to weak passwords, stolen hardware, and other threats. Tecnics + Okta work together to give enterprises an extra layer of multifactor authentication, providing security for laptops and desktops that could potentially be compromised, and to provide self-service password recovery that’s secure and straightforward. The joint solution helps keep organizations more secure at every level without negatively impacting worker productivity.

How it works

You can set up the Tecnics integration with Indent in a few minutes:

  • Select Tecnics from the Indent dashboard catalog
  • Deploy the integration for reading and managing resources with Indent
  • Configure your policies from the Indent dashboard
  • You're done! Share how to request access with your team in one click

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We use Indent at Reclaim and have awesome production access workflows (paired with Tailscale). Indent makes being SOC2 compliant not a drag.

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