Learn about the Indent + incident.io integration

incident.io unites the tools you’re already using and streamlines communication between teams to make incidents less chaotic.

Like Indent, incident.io is tightly integrated with Slack. When a user opens a new incident in Slack, a temporary channel and corresponding Zoom link is created to help responders coordinate.

Within the Slack channel, roles like Incident Lead, and tasks can be assigned. Updates are automatically posted in the channel to keep everyone up to speed on the latest developments.

After being added to an incident response channel, on-call engineers need access in order to get to work. The Indent + Incident.io integration makes it easy. Type /access and within seconds they’ll get the secure, time-bound access they need to end the outage quickly. Access auto-revokes after a configurable period of time so lingering production access is never an issue.

Use cases

Common use cases for incident.io with Indent include:

How it works

You can set up the incident.io integration with Indent in a few minutes:

  • Add Indent to your Slack workspace
  • Install the incident.io integration and configure auto approval policies
  • Start granting temporary access during incidents!

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We use Indent at Reclaim and have awesome production access workflows (paired with Tailscale). Indent makes being SOC2 compliant not a drag.
Patrick Lightbody, Co-Founder/CTO @ Reclaim
Read more from Stevan Arychuk, Head of SRE, on the Tailscale Blog

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