Setting Up AWS Identity Center (successor to SSO) The Right Way

Axiad Cloud

Start granting on-demand access to Axiad Cloud.

Learn about the Indent + Axiad Cloud integration

Axiad Cloud zero-trust access solution is a security platform for providing secure identities for both users and machines to protect access to sensitive data for all users, devices and applications. The Okta Axiad Cloud integration allows Users and Groups to be securely provisioned to Axiad Cloud so customers can issue secure identities and realize a passwordless enviroment.

How it works

You can set up the Axiad Cloud integration with Indent in a few minutes:

  • Select Axiad Cloud from the Indent dashboard catalog
  • Deploy the integration for reading and managing resources with Indent
  • Configure your policies from the Indent dashboard
  • You're done! Share how to request access with your team in one click

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We use Indent at Reclaim and have awesome production access workflows (paired with Tailscale). Indent makes being SOC2 compliant not a drag.

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