Indent for 1Password: Time-bound Vault Sharing

2 years ago
Written by
Elsie Phillips

Remember the last time you wrote a password down on a sticky note? Or sent one over Slack? A nightmare for security and IT teams is a daily practice for some users.

This barely works initially when a company is in its earliest stages to store credentials for shared accounts. But it's simply not secure, and definitely won't scale as the team grows.

Most companies end up selecting a password manager to solve that problem. However, this makes for yet another thing new hires need to be granted access to during their onboarding.

Adnan Alam, Head of IT for PlanetScale, runs point for onboarding new PlanetScale employees into their technology stack. At the rate that PlanetScale is growing, that often means he’s doing concurrent onboarding for multiple new hires.

PlanetScale uses 1Password vaults to store credentials, secrets and shared account passwords for their entire organization. Millions of people and over 100,000 businesses trust 1Password to safeguard their most sensitive information.

1Password makes it easy to create and use strong passwords, and log in to sites and services with a single click. In one of our chats with Adnan, he mentioned that he’d like an integration between 1Password and Indent.

“Ideally, we want a way to have people request access to the Okta group that corresponds with the vault they need, which would make onboarding really easy.” - Adnan Alam, Head of IT, PlanetScale

That made sense to us, so we got to work.

The 1Password + Indent integration, available now, allows employees to quickly get temporary access to role-specific 1Password vaults by requesting time-bound membership of the corresponding identity groups.

Access requests get automatically routed to approvers based on security policies, then approvers set the access duration. Users can also instantly get time-bound access based on attributes like on-call status.

With 1Password + Indent you can:

  • Streamline onboarding new hires
  • Standardize permissions across roles
  • Holistically transfer permissions when an employee moves to a new role
  • Securely offboard users by instantly revoking access

“With Indent, now we can easily grant time-bound access to any of our 1Password vaults without any extra headache.” - Adnan Alam, Head of IT, PlanetScale

Try the interactive demo below:

Using 1Password + Indent

You’ll need a 1Password account with admin permissions and be on the Business tier. After that, granting time-bound access to vaults is just a few steps away:

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