Access reviews on autopilot

Reduce the audit scope by shifting most employees to requesting time-bound, on-demand access.

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Auditor-friendly access reviews

Avoid time wasted trying to find out who should keep access, or how they got it.
  • Time-bound access: Instead of waiting until the end of a quarter, require access to be reviewed within 90 days or they lose it. Of course, users can request again if they need it.
  • Streamlined compliance: Easily produce audit evidence as required by your compliance requirements.

Distributed identity governance

Configure approval routing to meet your compliance controls.
  • Timely self-review: Require users to self-certify which permissions they still need and for how long.
  • Dynamic assignments: Push review responsibility for contractors and service accounts to the right person.
We use Indent at Reclaim and have awesome production access workflows (paired with Tailscale). Indent makes being SOC2 compliant not a drag.
Patrick Lightbody, Co-Founder/CTO @ Reclaim
Read more from Stevan Arychuk, Head of SRE, on the Tailscale Blog

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