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Implement time-bound acccess control
for cloud apps and infrastructure.

  • Unlimited Users & Groups
  • Secure Production Access
  • Approve Directly from Slack
  • Up to 100 requests per month
  • 30 days of Audit Logs

For $0 per month.

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80% less
time for access review
15x faster
time to get access
access violations
5 minutes
to import compliance controls into Indent

Indent makes temporary access easy.

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Self-Serve Access

  • Easy to use: Stay in your flow and request cloud app or infra access from Slack, web or terminal.
  • Secure-by-default: Capture all the relevant security and compliance details like reason and requested duration.
  • Fully automated: No need to find and ping the right approver, Indent does that for you using your security policies.

Frictionless Approvals

  • Mobile and remote-friendly: Approve on the go right from Slack or Indent mobile app.
  • Auto approvals: Grant instant on-call access with PagerDuty, OpsGenie,, or based on group membership.
  • Instant provisioning and revocation: Automatically provision access after approval and revoke after access expiration.

Prevent Incidents and Compliance Violations

  • Implement least privilege: Complete quarterly access reviews faster due to real-time reviews and revocation.
  • Simplify audit evidence: Get compliant-by-default access with policy-based configuration.
  • One-click exports: Ace security and compliance audits with exportable access history logs.

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