Indent Complete

Automatically triage incoming requests and find the minimum viable access people actually need.

Do more with less.
Always-on, 24/7 triage automation.

Put a stop to the endless stream of Slack DMs and emails.

Let Indent Complete help users find and get access to what they need to do their jobs, making least-privilege the easiest way to get things done.

Save time and money
with on-demand access.

Make least privilege a reality while helping your team move faster.

Put AI to work gathering additional information from your users, policies, and history to reduce the friction of making security decisions and applying operational changes.

Least Privilege for Everyone.
Don’t just fake it. Achieve real least privilege with faster and more secure access.
Time is Money.
Make changes in minutes, not days. AI powered text expansion, and context-rich requests significantly speed up your team’s velocity.
Do More with Less.
Not everyone needs access to everything all the time. Save on expensive software licenses by providing on-demand access with auto-triage.

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