Indent + Box

Access requests for Box files and folders

Increase end-user adoption of Box across the organization and control access with external collaborators.

With Indent, teams can manage complex approval flows from inside chat apps like Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Start handling access requests faster and more securely in minutes.

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Charlie tried to SSO into Box six times.
15 minutes later
Charlie creates a Jira Ticket to request access.
3 days later
IT reviews the Jira Ticket and emails Charlie's manager.
2 days later
IT grants Charlie access to Box.

Unlock productivity with Box

For example, let's say Charlie is on the sales team and needs access to a file in Box before a customer call in 30 minutes, he can't wait a few days to wait for the access approval. He needs the document now.

Typically, he'll ask a friend to Slack him the document or find someone who happens to be a Box admin to manually add him to the Box folder.

With Indent, Charlie can get his manager Ada's approval in minutes. She doesn't even have to leave Slack.

Save hours across the team

Eliminate permissioning and audit evidence collection issues through automated visibility and controls.

Third-party access management

Use Box to collaborate with contractors and customers on files and folders without the headache.

Reliable, secure infrastructure

Designed to work seamlessly in hybrid environments, Indent can scale with your usage and complexity.

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